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Hi! My name is Reizelynne Jocelle G. Roxas, a senior high school student at School of Saint Anthony, Lagro, Quezon City. Currently, I’m taking up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) strand because I dream of becoming an engineer in the near future. I love going to gym, playing sports, and surfing the Internet. What I hate the most is doing creative stuffs like drawing, coloring, painting, etc. for it makes my life stressful.

As a daughter or sister in our family

I am the youngest child among the three of us. Most of the time, I am lazy in terms of doing household chores but once I feel my momentum, I am willing to wash all the dishes and to clean our electric fan and air conditioner unit. My family addresses me as “Baby”, “Baby Chabeng”, “Jocelle”, and “Jocelia”.

As a student

I am a responsible and hard working type of student. I want to pass all my requirements on time and I am willing to sacrifice my sleep and meals just to save my dying grades.

As a friend

You can count on me. I can be your shoulder to cry on. I don’t want my friends to be sad. Maybe that is the reason why my friends called me as the “mood setter” and “joker” in our group. I really love them and I believe in the statement “It is better to lose my boyfriend (though I don’t have one) than to lose my friends.”

As a lover

Hmmmmm… You want to know? Then try me! Hahaha just kidding. STUDIES FIRST!



“See more from Jane”

My name is Jane Andrea Cheng, currently a senior high school grade 11 STEM student of 11-Amorsolo from the School Of Saint Anthony, Lagro, Quezon City. You must be wondering if I’m Chinese since my last name is Cheng then my answer would be no because I’m born in San Pablo, Laguna and I’m a Filipina haha. I love editing pictures and listening to music. I’m a sucker for long road trips and adventure, that’s why my life goal is to travel the world someday. At first, you may see me as a shy person but trust me that when you get to know me you’ll know that I also have my crazy side. I love Ariana Grande & K-Dramas because they make my life easier and happy especially if I’m stressed out or sad. I love reading books though I don’t really read a lot like a book worm does, I still love them anyways lol. You can call me Jane or Dea (for fam members). That’s all.



“See more from Macon”

Hey! I’m Macon I live for music, art and fashion. I may say that I’m a boring person there are not much interesting facts about me. I’m just a simple girl who have a big dream in life. I’m shy and quiet especially in school I hate talking in front of many people. Honestly, I would rather dance than use my voice because when I do, I stutter and I tend to talk fast and I end up embarrassing myself to public. There are so many talented singer I idolize but If I were to choose It’s definitely Beyoncé. I admire her I wish someday I would have the same confidence she have. My fashion icon is Lily Collins x Shay Mitchell. I often search for outfit but I don’t really apply it to myself. Most of the time I wear pants and t-shirts that’s it. Also, I love spontaneous road trips even there are no specific place, I just want to stare by the window to look at places, people and things. It makes me feel like I’m in peace……………………………………………………….. I LOVE JANE CHENG



“See more from Leica”

Hi! I’m Leica, you can call me Lei for short. I really love music. It makes me feel alive. I want to be a musician someday.

It’s really hard to describe yourself. If you tell about the good things, they would think that you’re boastful, but when you tell about your weaknesses they would think that you have no confidence. Well, this is a great evidence that life is so unfair and we should learn to get along with it.

My physical appearance? Well, why dont you just take a look at my pics? I Don’t want to describe my self. We do have different judgements, so see my pics on your own. Don’t ask, see it for yourself.

My attitude? hmmm… Again I don’t want to mention things about my atittude. Just see me, get along with me….in that way, you can know me better. 🙂

If you dont like me, I’m still okay. 🙂 I don’t even care. I also dont like some people so I don’t think everyone should like me. 😉

I believe in the turning of the dice, now your smiling…tomorrow your crying.

Life is fair because it’s unfair to everyone. 😉



“See more from Danica”

I am a student, sister, daughter, self-dedicated writer and musician.

Be my company to explore another world through blogs.


“I can’t feel bad about being who I am, just like the girl next to me can’t feel bad about being who she is. Because a rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose.”

-Miranda Kerr