#5 Be Confident About Yourself

“I’m not going to tell you that you should write every single day, nor am I going to list out reasons that would make my arguments general enough for everyone. This is merely a story of how I believe my passive writing has helped me in my life.”

– George Dy, Jr.

Why Write?

Writing Helps with My Recall

A short note or even a few paragraphs will help me collect my thoughts and important moments throughout the week so I can revisit and recall important details much more quickly.

Writing Keeps Me in Check

Everybody falls into a rut, where certain feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, or a lack of fulfillment may surface. I use writing to help manage these feelings. When I’m done writing a piece, I’ll tag it with the mood or the feeling. If I continue to consistently feel a certain way or a mood, I can reference back to the elements of the week or the month that have lead me to the rut and I can fix it.

Writing Helps Me Share My Thoughts

Sometimes nothing feels better than belting out a series of run-on sentences. Do it. Nobody’s judging. It’s been an experience of mine that when my thoughts are written out, they’re likely thoughts that I’d like to share.

Writing Helps Me Communicate in Real Life

It’s true. Over time, my writing has developed characteristics and a tone. It also doesn’t hurt that when I write, it always sounds more elegant and put together. I choose words that I wouldn’t use daily, which slowly sneak their way into my conversations.

It’s also a source of content from which I can quickly pull references from, which make me quicker both on a personal and a professional level.



Writing is Rewarding

Just like going to the gym, I feel like writing is rewarding. When I finish a post or an short entry, I feel accomplished. It’s simple. No one likes going the gym, but it’s the feeling after that we all strive for. Writing is the same way. It leaves me accomplished.

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