#4 Be a Fitness Advocate



I started my first ever workout at Fitness First eight months ago. I admit as what I said before, I dislike going to the gym because I am lazy and have no knowledge on how to use the equipments. Until I came to realize that I should take good care of myself. Since that day, I’ve recently been in heartbreak, I said to myself I should focus my attention to the other things and don’t let that pain conquer me. So I went to gym and devote my time there.What is my goal you ask? I just told them I want to be fit and of course, to have abs!

Fitness First Membership Card


I go to gym thrice a week, every Friday and weekend. During weekdays, I just workout in our house. My workout routine is cardio, weightlifting, leg workout and most especially abdominal workout. I also do series of machine-based workout intended to target different muscle group.


If you’re planning on enrolling at Fitness First and you’re not familiar with the equipments, I suggest you get yourself a trainer even just for your first three workouts. It’s not enough that you know how to use the machines because you also need to know the proper form.


Let me get you into a tour inside the gym. Here you will see some of the facilities and equipments that this gym will offer you.

If you are interested in doing something different that deals with moving your whole body, you may try enter this room and experience different classes like Yoga, Body Combat, Body Balance, Body Jam, Zumba etc. These classes are scheduled and it varies every week so better check their official website.


If you want to try vigorous and thrilling indoor cycling class with upbeat, high energy music and a mixture of different riding scenarios and terrains, then try to enter here in Cycling Studio. In this exercise, you will really feel your fats burning!


Here are some of the gym materials and equipments I am using to execute my workout.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get abs right away but with regular workout combined with healthy eating and discipline, nothing is impossible. Try to read, reflect and add this to your daily routine for better living.

For more details visit their official website https://www.fitnessfirst.com.ph/ or visit their branch near to your place. Let’s be fit together!

Get those abs on fleek as you watch a Victoria’s Secret Abs workout routine down below:


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