#1 Be A Fighter

“What makes a really great fighter is a combination of ingredients: one is everything physical that you can do, and the other is what’s mentally there for you. And I think that comes down to how big your heart is and what’s driving you.”

-Joel Edgerton


“Charyeot! Junbi! Sijak!” well these is the common words you would hear in practicing taekwondo. Charyeot means attention, Junbi means ready and Sijak means begin. These are the command that often yelled by the master or leader. In the progress of the training you will be able to learn different defence, stance, formation, kicks, punches and other techniques.


Obviously, wearing dobok or taekwondo uniform is very exciting. In Taekwondo, there are different color of belts which will represent the rank or level of skills. It consist of white, yellow, green, blue, red and black belts. White belt is for the beginner while the black belt is the higher rank which every student wants to achieve.


Performing the Formation No. 1 is a pattern and combination of kicks and punches. This should be delivered with a full force and strength. There are various kicks including: in out kick, out in kick, 45 degree kick, side kick, front kick, back kick and many more.


As a white belter you may encounter being nervous especially in sparring. Sparring is a training where students fight with other member.

Yes! it is tiring but fun at the same time.

For more amazing taekwondo skills check out this video:


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